Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chapter 0

DIaRy Of An OrDiNarY SchOoL BoY
Year 0712 N.M. (Neo Millennia),
After a huge, detriment and merciless catastrophe of earthquake, big floods, tsunami, thunderstorm and volcanic eruption that happened about hundred of years ago on every part of the world, continents of countries and the map seemed to change, randomly moving as the energetic water pulse and the Earth plates movement influence it. Few, fortunate survivals tried to create a new civilization as they need each other to live in the most devastating and desperate condition. During the time they frantically tried to survive the condition, the chaotic turmoil starting to calm slowly. The Earth after that was named Neo Earth (N.E.).
At first, there was only one comfortable nation consisting of generation that respect and love to care for each other. Neo Earth was ruled by a great and admired leader who was humble and he filled the world with justice. There was neither crime nor war during his time. He implanted the greatest unsustainable love between his people. The technology was developed at a very fast pace, extremely faster than the unbeatable nerve impulses. But, there was no high-tech gadget that could be a match to the Master of Death. After 29 years of ruling (from year 0001 N.M. to year 0030 N.M.), he died without leaving even a single heir. He was a legend and after that his story had always been passed from generations to another, the legend of King Alexander, The Magnificent.
Subsequence years after he disappeared from this world, a young man from a remote town had come to the ‘Obelisk of King Alexander’ to claim their rightfulness as the owner to the throne. He claimed as son of King Alexander. Everyone was shocked hearing that The King Alexander had a child. A few believe in the man but others don’t. When he was alive and well, he did not even once talk about his son, not even once. The entire citizen became confused.
In the middle of the uncertainty, an old, 70 years old priest and also King Alexander’s older brother said through a broadcast that in his possessions - there was a diary that described his life. In that diary also, he talk a lot about his son that lived distances away from him. After heard about that, everyone accept him as the successor of the throne. Not long after that, another young man claimed as King Alexander’s son. This time, no one trusted him. Then, King Robert ordered him to be executed. Luckily, an unknown man in black masked suit saved him. This man, who knew about the truth, told everything to the people about Albert Vold, the true son of King Alexander. The evidence of a letter with King Alexander handwriting was concrete, undeniably. Starting from that day, Kingdom of Hope was divided into two, Riveria and Celestia. People of Celestia voted for King Albert and Riveria was ruled by King Robert.
Wars happened everywhere and at any time, crime rate increase, more criminal was produce. Both countries wanted to show their own power. The world was in chaos. People who starting to get sick of this started searching for King Alexander’s older brother. He was the only hope to stop the war. But he went missing in the midst of bloody war. Fortunate but not quite enough, a group of villager found him at the edge of the town. He was at the verge of his life. However, before he died, he had a message, his last word…
“I’ve… found… the truth… Thr..ere…are… half brother. You must find… the…diary…”
People who had seen this ray of hope searched frantically for whole year for the diary. But, what they found – nothing. The hope was gone, as well as The Kingdom of Hope. Everyday was full of blood, corpses, more death.
After five years of lunacy, the idiotic wars end. Both of the brothers were killed in the Great War. The world starting to become shining with love again. Then, the Kingdom of Hope was there no more. There were hundred of countries then, ruled by democracy. They lived peacefully.
But they don’t know King Alexander had one more son….
I am Ein Exuber, and this is my story.

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