Thursday, March 11, 2010

1st Chapter

Chapter 1 : The Prophecy
Saturday, it was a steady day until it showed a sign that it was about to rain. The sunlight was faded slowly. This was the fifth time I change my spectacles. Last time, I lost one in a drain, a really deep drain at my school, The Parfait Academy. It was an academy for excellence students, the elites. Excellence of course, in academic and sports but not in manner. Let’s not talk about that.
For about fifteen years I had live, my dull life still did not change, not even a little single thing. There’s no at all. It was a very boring day, same like everyday. My life is monotonous and without feelings, without love. Everyday was about going to school, studying and not more or less than that; at least I had couple of friends from the student council who cares. Although, I had all the things: money, riches but neither was matters. Far from usual, I followed my busy father, an entrepreneur. He had an urgent business to be finished today. Actually, I was not his true child. I was just an adopted child. It was not certain where I came from. There were times I asked my parents about this, but there kept avoiding the question and hiding the truth. I was sick of it. I knew there was something, something they do not want me to know.
It was almost two, and the light rain started to drop, slowly. I did not have anything to do. I was just looking at the gigantic noble house on that immense hill not very far from town. Today, ten years after the ‘Second Great War’ take place, two third of the world is dominated by the royal family of Britannia and the head of the family now, Charles Vi Britannia became the 12th Emperor of the Country Great Britannia. Thus, the world has gone to a new era and the community is divided into commoners and aristocrats. A new era which made the stronger ruled. From all sudden, my throat was kind of dry as a bone. When I saw a restaurant across the street, I remember that I had not taken my lunch. I kept watching the boring scenery of the surrounding to kill my time here. Suddenly, I realized a very odd door besides the stairs that led to my father’s client company beside the optometrist clinic that I always visit to change my glasses. It was a very strange thing to see a door beside a stairs in a very narrow space. Because of this, I started to show my habit, curiosity. The door was full of mystery. I started to feel very thrilled. I approached that door and opened it at a snail's pace, soundless. The light from outside was inch by inch penetrating the darkness inside. The rain rained heavily. The major sound that I heard was just the vary echo of raindrops hitting the floor.
It was cold, very cold inside the narrow room, chilly like an ice. I was unexpectedly shocked when I saw bright radiance from a pair of eye, crimson red and shiny. I thought it was just a cat. In reality, it was an inverted thought, truly wrong. She was a girl wearing some kind of ancient maid dress, a very old one. She had a very long, scarlet red hair. She was chained by some sturdy, old chain. We made an eye contact. After seeing that characteristic, I had presently remembered that there was an ancient tale, legend perhaps, told by old folks: long ago, there was a very powerful clan that fed on human fresh blood as their foods; vampires. The legend said that the purebloods (a very rare vampire of vampires) have very red eyes and hair. No! That could not be true. I kept telling myself the same thing. That was nonsense. It was a fallacious myth just to frighten kids. I looked at her desperate and hungry face, I felt pity. Who did this to her? I started to move closer to her automatically. I did not know what moves my body, but I was indeed tempted by her as so my body moved at its own, inevitable. Abruptly, I was stopped by a strange force acted completely different path to my body direction. It was a barrier wall. Someone must have programmed it here so there will be no trespassing. But it was very expensive to hire someone to make these, I thought. All of a sudden, it changed into weird, superstitious and bizarre light insignia of holographic script that contained very ancient symbols. It made me completely shocked - I was able to fathom it.
“When the Warrior of Hope encounter the Cursed,
The foretold legend is starting to be true;
To overcome the trials help from her is needed,
But the destiny together still has no clue.”

And the other part of it…
“The Shield, the Protector and the Sword must resemble.
Unite with the saying of fate;
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
Before I could manage finishing the script, the light faded away and the ancient symbols disappeared out of nowhere like the first time it came out. I heaved a big sigh of relief. Now, my body can move freely. I thought I was dreaming, however I was still in the narrow room with that red haired girl. I looked closer. The aura surrounding her was penetrating my heart. I breathed in and out heavily. Her pitiful and innocent look made all that felling away. Out of blue, she hugged me. I did not remember how I was this close to her.
“Mromeze leese(I’m sorry)”, she whispered softly.
Ouch! A sudden sensation of pain was felt by my neck. It could not be that she was a…
I blacked out.
It was a dream, no, a song conceivably whispering against my ears, forcing myself to stay calm and rest, until I get a grasp that I never had opened my eyes and nor I did now. After the comforting lullaby vanished, there was no light. Darkness filled my spine a cold feeling like I was at a funeral, stabbing my back as if I were lying flat on a floor of thousand needles. However a hope, a light of hope glittered, shinier than the light in the big city, Gaia (named after an ancient Greek Titans) on the eve of New Year. Then, it went blank. A vision of crowds seen from higher altitude appeared replacing the ‘blank’. There were vast crowds of noisy human, wearing pitch-black overcoat looking somewhat they were waiting for someone. After a while, one by one went silent, glaring at me with loyalty. I meant not really me, but someone who silently appeared from the fortress right behind me. He was wearing a black overcoat wrapped around him (I don’t know what to say, she or he) that made me and I thought that all the audience also could recognize neither his body size nor his age. We also didn’t know his identity because of the black mask he’s wearing.
“Neo! Neo! Neo!” the audience subdued the silence by yelling his name loudly together.
He was just standing there standstill, just like a statue. Slowly, he raised his hand. The crowd went silent. Then, there was no movement except for the masked man that was walking high and mighty towards me. Just about two metre in front of me, he abruptly stopped. Man, I was deadly nervous. Nothing of this was in my head, I mean not… oh, alright. It was in my head, in my dream. Right! This was just a dream. There was not more than that.
“There’s more than ‘that’, Ein”, I was extremely shocked by the voice. Just the voice made me wanted to faint (I’ve already fainted). My surrounding had come to freeze; all of the moving objects stop promptly, my vision turns to grayscale except for me and that guy. Then, he moved his hand to reach his mask. He was about to open it, I thought. Who was this guy? How did he know me? Do I know him/her? It was getting more exciting.
It was like a slow motion video. My heart was beating fast, racing like military horses in war. I really wanted to know who he was. Slowly, he unmasked his face…
Shocked, I woke up frantically. I realized that I was sweating a lot. My whole body was drenched.
“Huh! Huh! Huh!” I was gasping for air. I felt very weary, just like running in a fifteen kilometre marathon.
“Nightmare?” asked a cold voice beside me. He was reading a comic.
“Yeah,” I answered, still gasping for air, trying to recall as much as I can about the dream.


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